Stepping out of the office to enjoy spring in San Francisco

It is easy to get caught up in the deadlines and urgency within one’s day. However now that spring has arrived,  I find it equally important to carve time out to enjoy the nice weather and attractions that a quick walk to the Embarcadero provides.

Along with a quick dose of some VERY needed Vitamin D – the water front makes for a great back drop for the old school street cars

I love that San Francisco has restored these functional old relics. It gives such character to the city vibe – plus this bad boy looks awesome in it’s original Mango Green.

Sitting along the bay with the bridge as a backdrop, the deco styled rocket ship is a fun new landmark as well as a great way to jump start an imagination that may need a boost.

The theme is continued with this nifty transit station sign for those interested in getting tickets aboard our local spacecraft!

The old street lamps and majestic Canary Date palms create an inviting path up to the Ferry building. Equally enjoyable is to see that others were thinking the same thing and able to take a moment out of their busy day to fuel up on some good old fashion spring weather!