Hello New York City, CBS News, CNET TV and East Coast Edit!

With some early efforts to CNET in progress – this week was a great opportunity to visit with folks in the NYC office. I had not been to the big apple since I was a little boy, so it was both an immersive trip with my east coast design team, as well as an impressive insight into all things HUGE about NYC!

Armed with iPhone’s awesome camera and mobile WordPress – my trip begins by waving goodbye to Mt Diablo as we leave the Bay area headed for a cruising altitude.

My first thought waking up to Gotham is “Holy Crap” – I am on the 20th floor of my hotel, and yet I still feel like everything is up from here. This place is very tall!

Arriving at the 28th street offices to meet with folks from CNET edit and TV – I was greeted by the very familiar orange CBS Interactive eye.

Day 2 was spent at the 57th CBS Broadcast center. James Morris (Art Director for News) was sure to give me a great tour of the facility along with a stop to the set of the CBS News.

I must admit, it was a cool thought to think about the history that has been told from this set – So many iconic figures have sat at this desk and told the story of the day to millions and millions of people across the country.

Be it from my smart phone, laptop or TV – watching the nightly news will never be the same having been able to see what lies behind the curtain.

Day 3 brought me back to the broadcast center for some quick product meetings and more time with James and team walking through plans for an undisclosed project.  By 1 pm I was ready to head back to JFK for my trip back home.

No photo post about NYC would be complete without capturing an image of a Taxi. There is literally an army of these cabs. It is by far the single most ubiquitous fixture on the city streets.

Not to be such a tourist, but I simply could not stop looking up. On route to the airport I was lucky to have not dropped my phone which spent the entire cab right snapping photos out the window.

The timing of my trip was fantastic as it also gave me the opportunity to finally see the east coast colors of fall. The color’s did not disappoint and went great with the high 60’s temperature (apparently unseasonably warm) that I was able to enjoy.

After a quick but fruitful trip, the climb to a cruising altitude provided some really cool lighting and backdrop for my air bus ride back home. Those who know me know that I am not a big fan of flying. However I must admit that it does provide for some really great visuals.