<A little bit about me... and how I got to be right here>

With any job, there are obviously good and bad weeks - yet I am quite fortunate that after 14+ years of working with commercial art - I continue to wake up each day and think.. "Man, I get paid to do this!!"

Since late 2005 - I have been the Creative Director for CBS Interactive (Previously CNET Networks) Business Portfolio web sites, driving creative for CBS MoneyWatch, BNET, ZDNet, TechRepublic and SmartPlanet. In June of 2011, I took on responsibility for CNET & CBS News to the suite of brands I head up design for.

I have the best design team in all of CBSi, and within my division are some of the smartest and most passionate producers, engineers, editors and product folks I have ever worked with. It may sound cliche - but I love what I do, as well as where and with whom I do it!

My focus has always been on building functional design systems that creatively solve business problems. Solutions that convey brand & messaging, but more importantly, are intuitive to maximize the possibilities of an online medium.

A Functional Design

  • A functional design is not about a medium - web, mobile, print or multimedia.. it is not about a pretty picture. It simply responds to the parameters of a business challenge, determines the creative opportunities and offers solutions to be extended in all possible formats.