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A Partner to my better half, Father to 2 little humans that are the best thing west of anything east. An Ocean loving, pixel bending dyslexic doodler, SVP Design @ParamountPlus - Home to Live Sports. Breaking News. A Mountain of Entertainment.

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Where do I spend my days?

In my former role, I had head up design across CBS Interactive where my teams partnered with folks across each discipline to create intuitive user journeys to the features, functions and contents across our News, Sports and Entertainment properties serving more than 1 billion users each quarter.

The interactive product environment of today is simply about creating a relationship between customers and their "screens".

In late 2019, I narrowed my focus to help streamline our subscription streaming services, CBS All Access and it's transition to become Paramount+. I focus on design outcomes that create clarity of purpose and inspire the teams on the vision and mission of the larger organization then mobilize the group’s ability to contribute, deliver and realize that vision.


Who is Marc Mendell?

I am an avid student and evangelist of user-centered design principles - I have created or overhauled some of the world's largest online Entertainment, News, Technology and media properties. My focus has always been on building functional design systems that creatively solve user problems while addressing business needs. Solutions that convey brand and messaging, but more importantly, are intuitive to maximize the possibilities of an interactive medium.  

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and I continue to be found here. I am always open to making new contacts, friends and folks to bounce cool ideas with

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