For my Children… Reports of yet Another School Shooting

What the HELL is wrong with us as a culture and group of people that we can not… will not acknowledged that we suffer an epidemic in this country that others civilized nations do NOT. Upon hearing the news of yet ANOTHER mass shooting at a school… I am confronted by the terror that this has become a constant.

My friends on social sites will sing loud FOR or AGAINST gun control largely based on being liberal or conservative. Yet those buckets don’t fucking matter if you are a parent or family member of someone affective by these continuous break downs of our humanity. When is enough enough. We can NOT fall into familiar talking points. There is simply no other place on the globe where these senseless and selfish acts take place. Can we finally stop being liberals or conservatives and just be people for God sakes??? Mothers and fathers who are petrified by the fact that our kids are not safe in their schools, theaters, shopping malls and churches!!!

Can we stop calling our right to bear arms a GOD given right that can never be examined for how to keep tools who’s sole purpose is to end a life out of the hands of the mentally unstable??? The bastardization of our constitution is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind nor is it what ANYONES loving God would intend or make a holy and divine right for it’s children.

Can we at the very least come together to REALLY talk about ways to find common sense compromise and hopeful solutions to slow down this truly American epidemic? If not, then God help us… Because if we can’t talk honestly about ways to keep our children safe, then there is NOTHING exceptional about us.